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Intelligence report. This dispatch refers to Townsend's emotional state and his leave from both spying and New York, explaining that "several friends" were "taken up" or captured in Arnold's spy hunts, including "one who hath been ever serviceable to…

Intelligence report. Contains information on Arnold's activities. Woodhull traveled to New York, presumably to try to get intelligence from Townsend and persuade him to rejoin the ring.

John Bolton was the pseudonym for Major Tallmadge. Intelligence report.

John Bolton is a code name used by Benjamin Tallmadge. Intelligence report. Townsend was not spying during this period.

Refers to British fortifications at Lloyd's Neck. Intelligence report.

John Bolton is a code name for Benjamin Tallmadge. Intelligence report. Appears to be in Townsend's handwriting, but the report is dated from Setauket, where Woodhull lived, and it bears Woodhull's codename.